Applied Learning Environments at Beekmantown High School's Earth and Environmental Science

Current Weather Conditions at the Beekmantown High School Weather Station


The Beekmantown High School Weather Station operates the Davis Pro 2 Weather Station on the roof of the Beekmantown CSD Main Building school.  The weather station has been in continuous operation since March, 1999 and is maintained by Mr. Scott Danville, AP Environmental science and Regents Earth Science teacher at Beekmantown High School 

The weather station is connected to a secure weather data server that is maintained and used by students, the school community, and the data is shared with The Weather Channel's Wunderground Site Weather Underground (Beekmantown WxStation KNYPlatt45) and Personal Weather Station's website (KNYPLATT4)

Current Air Quality at the Beekmantown High School Weather Station

AirVisual Pro Indoor Sensor

Mr. Danville's Earth and Environmental science classes monitor and report air quality inside his classroom sending readings to the AQI website for worldwide monitoring. The Air Visual monitor measures air pollution from cooking, cleaning, wood burning, interior decoration, smoking and wildfire smoke and traffic pollution entering the building. Posted above is the real-time air quality IQAir AirVisual monitor .

Beekmantown High School's "Live" Seismometer Seismogram (R01B6)


Mr. Danville and his students monitor earthquakes with a seismometer called a Raspberry Shake.  A Raspberry Shake is a small seismometer based on the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. It is equipped with a main board that incorporates a powerful processor and digitizer that can be connected to a geophone (vibration detector), MEM acceleration sensor, ultra-low sensitivity sensor, etc.   This data is recorded and integrated with a network of seismometers allowing student to accurately locate earthquake epicenters and magnitudes from the classroom and these datasets.  A live feed is made available to aid in the location of earthquakes around the world.  

Mr. Danville's students' film full-length documentary now available on Amazon Prime


Click here to view on AMAZON.COM 

Teacher-filmmaker, Mr. Scott Danville, with his class of uniquely talented and energized students create a film, Halting Hades: The Moral Imperative, documenting the world's most important issue and the factors that will lead to a revolution through the intersection of science, economics, and politics.  Halting Hades: The Moral Imperative developed as an idea that involving students in the process of documenting the current state of climate change from a science, economic, and political perspective embraces students' natural curiosity to know their subject.  The utility of knowing the science is critical when interviewing high-profile figures. The film is available on Amazon Prime and Vimeo.  Film website is

June 2024 Regents Exam in Earth Science
Thursday, June 20th, at 8:15 a.m. in the high school