You are the forecaster in this lab.  Use what you have learned in this unit and your life experiences to complete this lab.

1.  In this lab you will first answer questions about Doppler Radar and the Jet Stream.

2.  You will look at ALL of the available maps for Monday and answer detailed questions to create a forecast for later that evening.

3.  After that "Late afternoon forecast," you will forecast what you will think will happen tomorrow with your Next Day forecast.  

4.  After you do this for the given days of the lab, you will check your work with the National Weather Service to see how close your forecasts were to their forecasts.

5.  When you get to the Analysis Questions, you must show your instructor that you have completed ALL components of the lab to get the PASSWORD to access the National Weather Service's actual forecasts to then write a comparison of your forecast the the National Weather Service's actual forecasts for the same time periods. 

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