Unit 9 Environmental Awareness

Major Topics and Objectives 

9A. Energy
What energy sources are used worldwide and in the United States?
Video Lesson Nonrenewable Energy
Lesson 9A-1  Patterns of Energy Use
Lesson 9A-2  Fossil Fuel Resources
Lesson 9A-3  Nuclear Energy Resources
Video Lesson How Nuclear Power Plants Work
Video Lesson Renewable Energy
Lesson 9A-4  Conservation, Efficiency, and Renewable Energy
Lesson 9A-5  Biomass and Water
Lesson 9A-6  Solar, Wind, Geothermal, and Hydrogen
Video Lesson How Solar Panels PV Work
Video Lesson How Wind Turbines Work
Lesson 9A-7 Planning Our Energy Future

9B. Air Quality
What factors are measured to determine air quality?
Live Air Quality Map
Video Lesson Air Quality Overview (3)
Video Lesson 9B-1  Major Air Pollutants and Their Sources (2)
Video Lesson 9B-2  Photochemical Smog and Acid Rain (5)
Video Lesson 9B-3  Pollution Control Measures (1)
Video Lesson 9B-4  Stratospheric Ozone Depletion(3)
Video Lesson 9B-5  Indoor Air Pollution(1)

9C. Water Quality
What threats exist to our water quality?
Video Lesson Water Quality Overview
Video Lesson 9C-1  Wastewater from Humans and Livestock
Video Lesson 9C-2  Heavy Metals and Other Chemicals
Video Lesson 9C-3  Oil Pollution and Water Quality
Video Lesson 9C-4 Nonchemical Water Pollution
Video Lesson 9C-5  Water Pollution Laws - Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act

9D. Global Change
What global change threats are there to our planet?
5 Factors that explain recent Record Heat (2023)
Lesson 9D - Overview What is Causing the Earth to Warm?
Lesson 9D-1  Global Climate Change and the Greenhouse Effect
Lesson 9D-2  The Evidence for Global Warming 
Lesson 9D-3  Consequences of Global Climate Change

9E. Sustainability
What are the main componests of a Sustainable Future?
Lesson 9E-1  Sustainability and Economics
Lesson 9E-2  Regulations and Equity
Video WS Sustainability
Sustainability Innovations at MIT

Unit 9 Environmental Awareness Videos


Energy - A 40-year Plan - Amory Lovins
Carbon Footprint Calculator EPA
On Thin Ice – PBS
Extreme Ice Survey
Climate Clock
Live Air Quality Map

Resources/Videos created by my students
Halting Hades: The Moral Imperative
Whiteface Mountain ASRC Virtual Tour

Local Climate Resource (I maintain)
The Institute of Climate Studies, USA

Laboratory Investigations
Laboratory 9-1 Energy (NGLS)
Laboratory 9-2 Air Quality (NGLS)
Laboratory 9-3 Water Quality (NGLS)
Laboratory 9-4 Global Change (NGLS)
    Climate Change Evidences and Causes Website 
    Climate Change Evidences and Causes PDF