Unit 8 Astronomy

Major Topics and Objectives 
What have we learned so far about Astronomy?
Video Lesson 8A   Complete Topic 8 Origin of Modern Astronomy Lesson*
Video Lesson 8A-1  Make a Simple Astrolabe
Video Lesson 8A-2  Eratosthenes Calculating Earth's Circumference*
Video Lesson 8A-3  Retrograde Motion and Ptolemy*
Video Lesson 8A-4  Early Astronomers*
Video Lesson 8A-5  Galileo Galilei
Video Lesson 8A-6  Universal Law of Gravitation explained
Video Lesson 8A-6  More about Isaac Newton's Life
Video Lesson 8A-7  Geocentric vs. Heliocentric Models*
Video Lesson 8A-8  Stonehenge Astronomy*

How does a revolving sphere with a tilted spin axis model yearly celestial observations?
Video Lesson 8B  Complete Topic 8B Lesson*
Video Lesson 8B-1  Rotation vs. Revolution
Video Lesson 8B-1a   Solar vs. Sidereal Day
Video Lesson 8B-1b  Solar vs. Sidereal Animation*
Video Lesson 8B-2  Speed of Rotation
Video Lesson 8B-3  Foucault Pendulum*
Video Lesson 8B-4  Circumpolar Stars Video*
Video Lesson 8B-5  Precession*
Video Lesson 8B-6  Earth's Axis and Seasons
Video Lesson 8B-7  The Ecliptic
Video Lesson 8B-8  Azimuth-Altitude System*
Video Lesson 8B-9a   Celestial Sphere 1* Lab 8-1
Video Lesson 8B-9b   Celestial Sphere 2*  Lab 8-2

How do the Earth, Moon, and Sun interact
Video Lesson 8C  Moon Phases, Eclipses, and Tides
Video Lesson 8C-1 Earth-Moon-Sun-System
Video Lesson 8C-2 The Real Deal with Tides

What force keeps planets and their satellites in their orbits?
Video Lesson 8D  Tour of our Solar System
Video Lesson 8D-2 Model Solar System to scale

How are stars classified and what is their life cycle?
Video Lesson 8E-1   Starlight and the Sun (slides 53-59) (0:00-9:49)
Video Lesson 8E-1   Doppler Effect and Redshift
Video Lesson 8E-2    Starlight and the Sun (slides 60-68) (9:50-17:56)

Video Lesson 8E-3    Classifying Stars and Star Life (slides 69-86)
Video Lesson 8E-4   How Stars are Classified (for Lab 8-7A)
Video Lesson 8E-5   Life Cycle of Stars ( for Lab 8-7A)

Video Lesson 8D-E-1   Distance from Earth to Sun
Video Lesson 8D-E-2  Measuring Distances in Space
Video Lesson 8D-E-3  Video WS Space Distances 

What is in the Universe and what is Earth’s place in the Universe?
Video Lesson 8F  The Universe
Video Lesson 8F-1a  The Big Bang Theory
Video Lesson 8F-1b  The Big Bang Theory
Video Lesson 8F-2  The Universe (44 min)

Unit 8 Astronomy Video Links:
Einstein and Time Dilation
Celestial Sphere Animation
Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan
Scaled Solar System Drone
Life on Mars PBS
NEW Evidence of Life on Mars - Hist. Channel
100 Greatest Discoveries in Astronomy - Episode 1
Standard Deviants - Astronomy video 
Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Gravity's effect of time
Zoom IN to the Universe
Zoom out from Earth to Laniakea
Scale of things Java Applet
Video Lesson 5B-6 Asteroid Comparisons

Laboratory Investigations
Laboratory 8-1 The Sun’s Daily Path (NGLS)
  Video Lesson 8B-9a   Celestial Sphere 1* Lab 8-1
  Lab 8-1 The Sun's Daily Path Simulator

Laboratory 8-2 The Sun’s Path Throughout the Year (NGLS)
  Lab 8-2 The Sun's Season-Marking Path Simulator
  Video Lesson 8B-9b   Celestial Sphere 2*  Lab 8-2
Laboratory 8-3 Revolution and Seasons (NGLS)
  Video Lesson Lab 8-3 A Seasons from Space
  Lab 8-3 Seasons Simulator
Laboratory 8-4 Moon Phases & Tides (NGLS)
  Lab 8-4 Moon Phases Simulator
  Lab 8-4 Tides Simulator
Lab 8-4 Eclipse Simulator
  Additional Moon Simulators
  Moon Phases Simulator
  Tides Simulator 1 
  Tides Simulator 2
Laboratory 8-5 Model Solar System (NGLS)
  Lab 8-5 Scaled Model of the Solar System
  Lab 8-5 Space Distances
Laboratory 8-6 Eccentricity (NGLS)
  Lab 8-6  How to draw and compare ellipses
Laboratory 8-7 Stars: Classifying and the Life Cycle of Stars
    Video Lesson 8E-1  How Stars are Classified (for Lab 8-7A)
    Video Lesson 8E-2  Life Cycle of Stars ( for Lab 8-7A )
Laboratory 8-8 Parents, Polaris, and You (NGLS)

Laboratory 8-9 Constellations and Seasons (NGLS)
    Video Zodiac Constellations
Laboratory 8-10 Red Shift and Star Light (NGLS)
Laboratory 8-11 Powers of 10 (NGLS)